Companies & LLP’s are required to comply with few mandatory and event based compliances during the year.

Annual Filing
Compliance’s which are required to be made once in a year by all the companies and LLP’s incorporated under the Companies Act and LLP Act respectively. This includes conducting of Annual General Meeting, appointment of Auditors & filing of financial statement with the Registrar of Companies. Annual E Forms are required to be filed with the Registrar within 30 days of holding its Annual General Meeting.

  • Filing of Eforms
  • Preparation, Signing & Pre-Certification of Annual Return as per Section 92(1) & (2) of the Companies Act, 2013
  • Income tax return filing
  • XBRL filing
  • Non-XBRL filing

Event Based Filing
Compliance which are required to be made at the occurrence of various events such as below

  • Change in Capital
  • Change in Registered office address
  • Change in name of Company
  • Appointment of Managing/Whole time Director and payment of Remuneration
  • Appointment of key managerial personnel and their remuneration
  • Appointment of auditors
  • Related party transactions
  • Transfer and transmission of shares
  • Filing of Petitions for condonation of delay
  • Alteration of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Passing of special and ordinary resolutionWho needs it

Who needs it
This is required by all companies & LLP