Steps to register a Private Limited Company


This article will give you a basic understanding of the steps involved in registering a company and what points to keep in mind

Post Incorporation Compliances


After incorporation, every company is liable to perform various legal procedures in a timely manner, which if not performed, attracts penalty. This article lists all the legal compliance a company must adhere to

Dormant Companies


A Dormant Company is the one which is a registered entity, but is not currently active. It doesn’t trade & has no significant accounting transactions. Companies can either opt for having a Dormant status or in case of inactive companies the Ministry of Corporate Affairs declares that company a Dormant. Having a Dormant status saves the company from complying with various compliance applicable to limited companies as per the Companies Act. Thus it could be cost saving option if someone is not operating the company.

LLP – Limited Liability Partnership


Its a legal entity having the features of a Company as well as a partnership firm. Just like companies, it can have the benefit of liability separate from the entity, i.e. no partner shall be liable for the misconduct of the other and like a partnership firm it has the advantage of flexibility in its internal structure. LLP is generally suitable for proprietors who intend to start up with low investment and low cost. Since there is no minimum capital requirement and also the cost of formation is less than that of incorporating a company.

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